Let me make it plain,
to be like Quatermain,
and break the chain,
of deep down dreary.

Today it would be insane,
to act like Quatermain,
but admire just the same,
the constant quest for query.

To slaughter for the glory,
Quatermain's old story,
to plunder for the quarry,
and then stuff to display.

For it's the same old story,
the quest for fame and glory,
that drives us to the gory,
it's always been that way.

So if you seek the gold,
from ancient stories told,
remember Quatermain of old,
that there is a price to pay.

Allan Quatermain Depicted by C.H.M. Kerr for a Novel by that Same Name

Quatermain depicted by C.H.M.Kerr in the
frontispiece to Allan Quatermain (1887) Wikipedia

I had this strange dream a week ago making
wonderful rhyme with the word, Quatermain.
I actually had to look it up because the word
was familiar but I couldn't figure out what it was.
It turned out that Allan Quatermain was a
character created by H. Rider Haggard in his 1885
novel, King Solomon's Mines and sequels. I have a
vague recollection of seeing the movie a long time
ago but have never read the book. Don't know where
that dream came from. The rhyme I came up with is not
near as good as the one I dreamed and quickly forgot.

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