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Warning:  The reader is advised that this book may contain content that is satirical.  Young children may find the childrens' stories disturbing. Some of the stories are based on real events.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  The author makes no apologies for this content.  He only asks the reader remain open to the ideas presented and enjoy them.

Disclaimer:  This is a complete outline of the contents of the book.  Some stories are offered, free, for your enjoyment.  Please share it with friends and fellow readers.  The final, fully edited copy in paperback is available  from bookstores like my other books.  I can send you a signed, free copy.  For your free copy, I welcome balanced, full reviews of my books, posted on booksellers' websites.  If you have bought a copy and would like it signed, please send it to me and I will sign and return it without shipping cost.
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It's in the Water and Other Stories is a book of fourteen short stories written since 2004 by Ronald W Hull. There is something for everyone in this little book of gems. There is hard science fiction, true stories that are fictionalized to protect the innocent, biting satire, heartwarming tales, and three stories that children might enjoy.

If you have little time to read like most of us, you can read one short story at a time and pick and choose from the review pages which story you will read next. They Are Us and Filthy Squatters are biting satire That you may wish to reserve your judgment on until you read the bylines and understand what the author is really writing about.

One or two of these stories is sure to become classic, be picked up by a major magazine and republished, or made into a film, either a short film by students (as Hit and Run already has), or a major feature film based on the short story premise.  Those stories alone, are worth the book.

Please pick up and read, It's in the Water and Other Stories.  You won't be disappointed.

Table of Contents

Copyright 2004-11 © Ronald W. Hull 

Story 1: 

Hit and Run


Based on a true story of how one lie could lead to another and...

Story 2:

Hellava Way to Die 


Based on what it must’ve been like to be caught in the Ninth Ward during Katrina, disabled, without your lifeline– your help…

            Story 3:     Diabolical Recreation                             9/2/06

If you think this is a horror story about recreational sports, forget it. Otherwise, if you’re interested in messing with creation, read on...

            Story 4:      Scared Shirtless                                   7/28/04

Sometimes corporate branding can go too far.

            Story 5:      It's in the Water                                  2/15/10

America's obsession with clean water cannot be solved by mere science. And then, sometimes science can be dangerous...

              Story 6:      The Present                                            8/10/05

Sometimes, all it takes to achieve greatness is a little help..

                Story 7:     Brian Bushytail and the Urban Forest      12/27/05

Texas State Highway 288, also known as the Lady Bird Johnson Highway, approaches downtown Houston from the south. Its wide median was merely grass until about 2006 when an ambitious project planted a forest of mixed conifers and deciduous trees, bordered by grasses and accented by flowering trees like Dogwood, Crape Myrtle, Mimosa and Magnolia.
              Because of the tragic end that most squirrels come to, this children's story is for older children who can understand the true life and fate of squirrels in the dangerous city.

              Story 8:     Good Karma                                                   12/24/10

The Summer of Love had its ups and downs. Sometimes, there is a happy ending to even the worst of stories…

              Story 9:     Filthy Squatters                                                  7/24/07                           

Please remember, this is satire… 

              Story 10:     Wireless and Clueless                                       9/12/10

Even accident proneness can have a silver lining…

                Story 11:     Excuse Me, Edgar                                          10/28/07                         

Just an old joke, turned into a Halloween story…

                 Story 12:     Bernie Made Off                                             4/2/11

How to have more than nine lives, and, perhaps, a life after death…

               Story 13:     They Are Us                                                      8/1/09

Sometimes, you get what you ask for...

                Story 14:     From Little Acorns Grow                                  2/3/05                           

A pirate’s story as old as an ancient oak tree.

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