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Warning:  The reader is advised that this book may contain content that is satirical.  Young children may find the' stories disturbing. Some of the stories are based on real events.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  The author makes no apologies for this content.  He only asks the reader remain open to the ideas presented and enjoy them.

Disclaimer:  This is a complete outline of the contents of the book.  Some stories are offered, free, for your enjoyment.  Please share it with friends and fellow readers.  The final, fully edited copy in paperback is available  from bookstores like my other books.  I can send you a signed, free copy.  For your free copy, I welcome balanced, full reviews of my books, posted on booksellers' websites.  If you have bought a copy and would like it signed, please send it to me and I will sign and return it without shipping cost.
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Verge of Apocalypse Tales is a collection of short stories focused on the year 2012 and the dire predictions from many sources indicating that the author’s birthday, December 21, 2012 would be the apex of global calamity.

When a high school classmate suggested that he had stopped World War III in the course of his work for the Air Force, the author decided to write a short story about a possible nuclear catastrphe.  That story led to one about the possible arrival of comets or meteors.  Stories about ecological disaster and moral breakdown came to mind.  News stories  reinforced the ideas for new stories as they were written.

If you like a story with scary, but realistic, consequences, based on science and history, you’ll like these stories, especially if you like stories with a twist.  If you’re looking for stories about relationships or fantasy, these stories are not for you. Two of the stories were previously published in Its in the Water and Other Stories.

Curl up with this book and enjoy the snippets about what may or may not happen in the near future and beyond.

Table of Contents

Copyright 2012 © Ronald W. Hull 

Story 1: 

Revenge of the Gulf


While geologically impossible, interesting to contemplate… 

Story 2:

Hellava Way to Die 


Based on what it must’ve been like to be caught in the Ninth Ward during Katrina, disabled, without your lifeline– your help…

            Story 3:     Wish upon a Falling Star                                     5/31/12

If you think this is a children's story, you are wrong...

            Story 4:      On the Brink of World War III                          10/28/11

A high school classmate of mine, the Lieutenant in the story, told me at a recent reunion that he had stopped World War III, twice. Intrigued, I wrote this story with his approval and input.

            Story 5:      It's in the Water                                                    2/15/10

America's obsession with clean water cannot be solved by mere science. And then, sometimes science can be dangerous...

              Story 6:      Shockwave                                                              7/6/12

One must be careful what you do in Nigeria. A Ju Ju hex may follow you wherever you hide...

                Story 7:     Last Man Standing?                                              8/12/12

What if, like in the movie, Legend, you were the last man…

              Story 8:     Elephants and Donkeys: A Fable for Our Time      6/6/12

Any resemblance to political parties is coincidental and intentional…

              Story 9:     Serial (Warning: Sexual and Violent)                         7/13/12                  

A sex chat becomes more than personal...

              Story 10:     Nympho Stalker (Warning: Sexual and Child Abuse)  8/11/12

Stalkers are not always what they seem to be…

                Story 11:     2012: Verge of Destiny                                                7/2312

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar ends…

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