Wandering through my laundry,
I came upon a quandary.

It looked a bit like blarney,
but I knew it warn't.

As puzzling as could be,
it danced upon my knee.

Singing a stupid song,
that I knew all along,
learnt it all by heart.

Right then I knew I had to part
with this puzzling piece of art.

I was completely perplexed,
and may have been hexed,
didn't know what was next,
on my rotisserie… lucky me.

So if you feel quite hexed,
and haven't yet been sexed.

Perhaps it is a quandary,
hiding in your dirty laundry,
that you need to excise.

Wouldn't that be wise?

Elepant Legs by Roger Shepard

Image © Roger Shepard

Dedicated to Dr. Seuss,
wherever you are…

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