Information Nation

We live in a time of change,
but it's always been that way.
That change is accelerating,
we can't deny today.

I sense a sense of fear,
from those both near and far.
And that sense of fear,
is raised to a new high bar.

I wonder why this is so,
when the world is better each year?
What's happening, "out there."
Affects us like it's, "here."

The Internet and cell phones,
capture events worldwide.
And transmit them to us,
in a nano second ride.

The  world is at our fingertips,
and constantly barging in.
What we once never knew about,
becomes a constant din.

Some have totally turned it off,
while some have tried to join in.
So many fear from what they hear,
and think the world is falling into sin.

Nothing could be further from the truth,
those things have always existed.
With all the information now available,
the distant becomes personal, twisted.

So, relax and embrace the newfound truth,
do not rely on memory's innocent past.
For the good old days were really bad,
they just kept it from you until the last.

Learn how to detect misinformation,
because it's out there in scads for you.
Be thankful for the good information,
let your mind work to find the true.

And remember, things are getting better,
not worse, all the time.
Fear makes us do stupid things,
without reason, without rhyme.

Image ©

Image ©

Refereed journism has been lost
in the Internet age.  We now get news of
worldwide events and threats in real time
without benefit of their validity.  The major
news outlets have been guilty of publicizing
false or politically motivated stories at an
increasing rate in an effort to scoop the
competition.  Online social networks and
blogs exacerbate the situation.  Fear mongering
is rampant.  We must all stand back and
justify our fears.  Are they real or imagined?

The President’s Analyst – “I’m not paranoid,
the telephone company really is out to get me.”

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