Reading carefully to understand,
finding I'm drifting just offhand.

Off to a place I cannot see,
framed by the fog of where I be.

Eyes grow weary, drowsy,
eyelids drooping in frown.

Head bobs gently,
up, then down.

As I realize I'm falling,
catch myself, calling.

Drifting in the zone,
is anyone home?

Once more upright to return,
seeking one more page to turn.

When will I ever learn,
still burning with yearn.

But the stamina is gone,
though I try, on and on.

To do more every day,
than ever before, to stay.

Before bowing out,
in the game of life.

Working at a computer can lead to drowsiness.

image, © UpdatedTrends.com

Somewhat sleep deprived,
I find myself zoning out while
trying to do serious reading
or writing these days. Of course,
a huge Thanksgiving dinner
helps with that process.

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