Death Game

I'm not to blame,
I'm in the game.

I'm good at the game,
I score very high.

Don't you dare diss me,
I will take you out.

I'm at level five,
and have arrived,
to the pinnacle of fame.

I'm not to blame.

I am armed to the teeth,
it's my belief,
and my right,
to defend myself.

The world going to hell,
can't you tell?

Just look at the news.
It's time to choose.

Take sides, it's them or us.

Get in the fight.
See the light.
My right is right.

I hate them!
They are wrong.
They get what they deserve.
The nerve!

I'm not to blame.
I'm in the game.

Three Mass Killers

Mass Killers Courtesy FoxNews

Our youth are growing up playing very
violent video games that emulate situations
that we see on the news. We are able to
buy weapons of war for personal use and
can express our opinions online among
like-minded people to spread hatred, bigotry
and violence as a solution to our particular
points of view or mental instability. Like the
game of war itself that used to be played out
by nations against nations, the capability has
now arrived at the household level. Are you armed
to the teeth? What for? Hatred or protection?

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