Our world is now in high definition,
instant information and communication.

There is no place that can hide,
delay high scrutiny cannot abide.

Is it good or bad? It's hard to tell.
Some find it threatening, some find it, hell.

I find it interesting, how people react.
Some believe that we are under attack.

Wonders of nature are being revealed,
in startling clarity previously concealed.

Peering into small, infinitesimally so.
Worlds onto worlds, the further we go.

Outward into space billions of years,
discovering origins, and possibly, our peers.

Creating options, too many choices for some.
Some are embracing, and some are on the run.

How we choose will change the future,
like well performed surgery, sutured by suture.

We can't sew over history's past mistakes,
we can reverse trends with whatever it takes.

Some try to dim the images with myopic thoughts,
but clarity is clarity, regardless of, "What oughts."

Some deny understanding from their true belief.
But revealing clear images give them no relief.

Change is unending and will always reveal,
once what thought to be heresy turned out to be real.

The higher the definition, the faster the pace,
the better for all, the whole human race.

The world and its minions of animals and plants,
its stewards and servants and psychophants [sic].

Held here by gravity on a rapidly spinning world,
high definition is spinning the truth unfurled.

Who knows where this clarity will eventually end,
I welcome it with open arms. Do you, my friend?

Eye Image (c)

Image (c)

I am literally overwhelmed with the pace of technological
development and understanding. While some fear this
rapid rush to speed and better quality and clarity, I have
to welcome it for what it does to improve our perception
of our world and our place in the universe.

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