Branching Out

Growth is essential for all of life.
To grow is good. To die is strife.

We all must grow if we are to live,
for some to grow means to take,
for others, it is to give.

Life is a sorter,
life is a sieve.

We must be properly pruned to grow,
if not, the abnormal may go with the flow,
and we must deal with it if we know.

It can be a cancer that spreads through the land,
creating destruction to nature's perfect plan.

All good things must come to an end.
What branches we take will determine the bend.

Our branches must not be too heavy,
must sacrifice the few for the sake of the many.
For the playing field is finite and fragile to bear,
the weight of the many dwelling now there.

If we don't learn to curtail our growing hearts,
there may be no more fits, and no more restarts.

For the world is our oyster floating in space,
the home for all of the human race,
with too many branches all vying for room,
soon to become root bound to seal our doom.

The pruning will be hard, the pruning will be tough,
but we must prune to live, we must prune to love.

Our tree is getting old and needs new growth,
time to cut back and choose which branches to troth.

A Tree Symbolizing

Image ©

Ideas are endless and unrestrained,
but nature is different and self-contained. 
When we mess with nature, it’s rearranged.
Can we restrain what we’ve changed? 
My great grand parents have hundreds
of decendants… yours?

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