Life can be boring,
life can be fun.
Nobody really wants,
life on the run.

But certain urges,
at puberty time,
drive us to madness;
we cross the line.

Some get the lesson,
some do not.
Some turn to blessing,
some tie the knot.

With so many vices,
from which to choose,
we get off the track,
into a life of lose.

Either running from,
the last big mistake,
or settling for 9 to 5,
slave wage stake.

Lost in this madness,
of routine discontent,
we secretly seek out,
excitement we rent.

We reach for the ring,
on the carousel round,
maybe the lottery this time,
our salvation to be found.

We secretly wish,
for chaos to come.
plunder for the taking,
life on the run.

Living out the fantasy,
of I, me, and mine.
we crave the excitement,
of life on unwind.

With a better future,
for all just around the bend,
so many fools want chaos,
so their torture will end.

Angry Mob

Angry Mob © Carnegie Mellon's Satirical Magazine--readme

Just a little peek at the mindset of so many
bent on destruction rather than actualization.

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