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What if the unthinkable, more devastating than 9/11, happened?

What if there was no evidence so no one ever found out who did it?

What if, the only way to fight such diabolical terrorism was entirely new?

These questions and others are addressed in Ron Hull's, War's End.  In his third novel, Hull delves into a topic that has global implications.  Filled with suspense and intrigue, he takes us into a scenario that, if it ever happened, would challenge the United States to its very core.  His hero, Ali Rasheed, the son of an immigrant, becomes a spy like no other in the history of the world.  Follow Ali on his journey into the unknown.  Experience the real life of a mole.  Find out what he finds out.  The enemy isn't always what it seems. 

War's End is not for the avid action fan.  Ron Hull realizes that action for action's sake does not a good story make.  Instead, War's End challenges the reader to think—not the way things are—but the way they could be, if war, as we know it, would come to an end.

Warning:  The reader is advised that this book may contain material that is deemed violent, sexual or immoral by some.  The material in these passages is the author’s attempt to accurately portray a fictional future.  The author makes no apologies for this content.  He only asks the reader remain open to the ideas presented.

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Table of Contents

Copyright 2005 © Ronald W. Hull 

        Chapter 1:      The Unthinkable                                    7/1/02

Ali Jaheed and his father watch in disbelief as a nuclear bomb destroys Washington, D.C., and the United States Government.  Former Vice President Phyllis Knox takes command to quell anarchy and rescue survivors.


            Chapter 2:      The Survivors                                    7/5/02

A traffic helicopter miraculously survives the bomb’s shock wave and reports the story live to the nation a half hour later.  A tank crew on maneuvers survives what it is built and trained for and returns to help.  A key unit for the country’s defense is trapped in a Cold War bomb shelter under the site of the destroyed Pentagon.   

            Chapter 3:      The Plan                                       8/24/02

President Knox orders key strategists from the FBI, CIA, and NSA to Destination 35 to come up with a secret plan to eradicate terrorism from the planet. 

            Chapter 4:      Aftermath                                     8/25/02

As the days become a blur of media coverage, Ali discovers that his best friend, Rob Johnson, is missing.  Rob’s mother, at wit’s end, sees Ali as her only hope and seduces him.  Ali discovers where Rob went. 

            Chapter 5:      The Search                                     9/7/02 

Ali take matters into his own hands and drives out across the country to bring Rob back.  He finds deep distrust and unexpected friendliness in the heart of America.  When he does find Rob, his worst fears are realized. 

            Chapter 6:      Escape from Hell                           9/15/02

After four days of nonstop rescues, Marty Hamilton and his crew are given the mother of rescues.  Going where no has gone before, they drive their tank into the Hot Zone and retrieve Colonel Forsythe and the other survivors in the Pentagon bunker.

    Chapter 7:      Rescuing Rob                                10/6/02 

John White’s compound so scares Ali that he cannot think of a way to rescue Rob.  Instead, he turns to the local law.  When the Sheriff turns a deaf ear, Ali returns to California in disgrace.


    Chapter 8:      A Strange Normalcy                     10/23/02

Ali returns to school but doesn’t attend.  He avoids Mrs. Johnson but gives in to his desire.  John Forsythe is given the command of a lifetime that will result in an important letter to Ali’s father. 

    Chapter 9:      Signing Up                                  10/27/02

Ali and his father receive visitors from the State Department.  When Rashid questions why they want his son, he is persuaded to allow his son to sign up for twenty years and a good education. 

            Chapter 10:      Basic Training                              2/2/03 

Ali must fool his friends into thinking that he is going back to Pakistan.  Instead, he embarks on a unique training regime, beginning with Basic Training.  He masters Basic with ease.  It will get much harder. 

            Chapter 11:      The Academy                              4/21/03 

Ali joins others of his kind at Destination Five for an intensive college experience. 

            Chapter 12:      Special Training                           6/25/03 

Ali learns how to survive, kill, and conquer.  His ordeal in the desert teaches him that luck plays as big a role in survival as skill.

            Chapter 13:      On Assignment                            7/13/03 

Rob escapes a horrible death, only to join his captors.  On assignment to San Francisco to do recon on the area bridges, he takes chances that threaten to  reveal him and John White’s plan. 

            Chapter 14:      Assignment Pakistan                      9/4/03 

Ali graduates and accepts his assignment.  After a surprise in New York, he arrives in Peshawar to join his extended family.  Ali’s uncle, Talha gives him a rapid introduction into the local way of life. 

             Chapter 15:      Tribal Living                              10/7/03 

Ali joins his Uncle on an extended adventure to a Pashtan tribe in the mountains near the Khyber Pass.  Ali learns that the Moslem faith has no great hold on these freedom-loving people. 

             Chapter 16:      A Real Threat                             11/11/03

Rob and Slim are sent to carry out part of John White’s twisted scheme to get himself elected as President by casting blame for his deeds on his enemies. 

             Chapter 17:      The Chechnya Connection             1/4/04 

Dina takes the fast track to Moscow.  After a brief involvement with the Russian Mob, she ends up making contact with Chechen rebels in Georgia. 

             Chapter 18:      Revelation                                   4/20/04

Ali has successfully infiltrated the Pashtan tribes by excelling in hunting and marksmanship.  In search of the arms trade, he sets up a gun shop in Mary, Turkmenistan.  He stumbles upon an arms trader with a big secret. 

             Chapter 19:      Reunion                                      5/30/04 

Ali joins Ahmed Shaw in his illegal arms supply business.  To restock with the latest Russian military gear, they travel west to trade with the Chechens.  In the town of Poti, Georgia, on the Black Sea, Ali finds Dina again, only to have her leave him with a great burden.

Chapter 20:      A Day of Reckoning                   6/6/04 

Rob gets the shock of his life when John White names Rob as his successor just before his big surprise.  Later, a drunk Slim Sliddel spills the beans in a way that leaves Rob holding the bag.

Chapter 21:      One Small Step                         6/12/04 

Ali gets an onerous assignment from Ahmed.  Just when he thinks he has no way out, Mother Nature lends him a helping hand.  The solution is violent, and Ali knows he kills, but it is necessary to save thousands of lives.

Chapter 22:      Assassination's End                     6/26/04 

The use of nonviolent tactics favored by Dina and the martyr, Khondi, lead to the eventual formation of an Ichkerian state for the Chechens.  Old ways die hard, and the celebration is marred by the senseless act of a madman.

Chapter 23:      Rob's Awakening                     7/5/04 

With John White and Slim gone, Rob sees the pointlessness of staying with the Aryan Nation.  He confronts Jim, the self-appointed successor to White, and leaves.  Picking up the pieces of his life, he returns to his mother in San Jose.

Chapter 24:      Closing the Gap                    7/31/04 

Ali returns to the Tribal Territories where his friendship with the elders helps him learn of and report terrorist suspects.  He gets to lead a mission that defuses a powder keg that, once again, could have thrown the MiddleEast into turmoil.

Chapter 25:      Coming Home                  8/14/04 

Ali's time in service to his country is up.  He makes a call that brings him in from the heat.  Things have changed.

Chapter 26:      You Can't Go Home Again    8/24/04 

Ali plans to surprise his father, only to find that he had moved, twice.

Chapter 27:      Picking Up the Pieces                 8/26/04 

Ali travels to his father's last known address, only to find that he is too late.  Now he must pick up the pieces.

Chapter 28:      Reunion                 8/28/04 

Ali waits in San Francisco for his love, only to find much more.

Epilogue                   8/28/04

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