Title:  War's End


In all, fifty-five thousand three hundred and five young people served in the Freedom Lancers over the forty-seven years of the Corps’ existence.  Lancers served in every country and every ethnic group, including those in America.  Some, like Ali and Dina, made significant contributions to the war on terrorism.  Others spent their entire service working only for good and changing the minds and hearts of those they were sent to infiltrate.  Three hundred and seventy-eight ended their programs voluntarily before their twenty-year anniversary date and were given honorable discharges.  Sadly, seventy-eight additional Lancers were lost.  Of those, the bodies of fifty-three were never found.  It was a small price to pay for what was accomplished. 

There were still, in every generation, those who would commit a terrorist act or use assassination to vent their anger.  But the world, as a whole, was much safer and free from strife.  Police forces took over as armies dwindled.  There were still major problems to be solved.  As the World transitioned from oil based power to a sustainable energy economy, limited population growth, and dealt with the consequences of a rapidly changing weather pattern, there were those that were displaced and in need.  The global economy leveled out with a single currency—the world dollar-- and the ability of everyone to compete according to their ability.  There were genetic mistakes, species lost, and cultures obliterated.  Older people complained that their language, religion, and culture would be lost in the single world culture that was rapidly developing using the English language as its medium.  America was much safer.  Gradually, the tight security that shackled every place people gathered fell away and strangers were, once again, welcomed without fear. 

Ali and Dina were married by Reverand Rob on the dock by the boathouse at dawn with family and friends present on Thanksgiving Day.  Covered with blankets against the cold, they took the Chris-Craft across the lake to a slip at Harrah's and stayed for their honeymoon in the bridal suite.  There was heavy snow, so they skied each day at Heavenly Valley.  It was a short trip home after.

Rob married a beautiful young lady from St. Mark’s the following summer.  Ali and Dina, carrying their baby boy, Talal, were best man and bridesmaid. 

Both families and their four children attended the 25th reunion of San Jose High School.  Classmates and friends were surprised and delighted to see that the former members of their class had finally rejoined them.  The first class of the Freedom Lancers never had a reunion, nor did any of the other classes.  However, retired Corps members did find each other through Internet searches, and did get together to share memories.  General Forsythe retired at 87 from poor health.  He was 89 when he died, young for people of his generation.  Although approached many times about some "secret" cadre in the ranks of Homeland Security by television snoops and academic researchers, he vehemently denied any such group ever existed.  Within three years of his death, however, researchers from the Hoover Institution gained access his computer files and revealed the whole operation. 

Rob Johnson lived to be 109.  He had two children and four grandchildren.  Upon his death, he had requested in his will that a sealed letter be read at his funeral and then be turned over to the proper authorities.  Ali Mohammad Jaheed was still alive and at the funeral.  He was asked to read the letter.  His body frail, but his voice still strong, Ali read the letter aloud to the one hundred and fifty or so in attendance:

"To the People of the United States of America:

I, the Right Reverend Rob Christopher Johnson, Board Member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, am guilty of the most heinous crimes known to man. I have committed treason, murder, and terroristic acts against citizens of the United States of America and have withheld information vital to the very security of the Country. 

As a member of the Aryan Nation and follower of the Reverend John White, I participated in and actively engaged in the destruction of three bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The intention of Mr. White and the other groups who participated in destructive acts during that period was to create anarchy and bring down the government to the point where the people of the United States would vote Mr. White President of United States.

Further, while a member of the Aryan Nation, another member, Slim Slidell, confessed to me, that he, and another member, Wally Shanks, bought a nuclear warhead from a Soviet intermediate-range ballistic missile at the Port of Houston from Pakistani nationals.  Under the direction of John White, the two men drove the warhead in a conventional eighteen wheel semi truck trailer to Washington D.C., parked it near the White House, and set the timer to detonate in the mid morning when all three branches of the government would be in session.  All three men are dead by suicide.  As far as I know, I was the last living person to know their story.  Now the American people know it too. 

May God have mercy on my soul and God Bless America. 

With much regret and sincerity,

The Right Reverend Rob Christian Johnson"

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