Bridge across Firehole River to Midway Geyser Basin. 
 Geyser Pool
Geyser Pool at Midway  Sulfer Flume in Background
 Red Algae at Eliptical Pool                                                                                 Eliptical Pool.Red 
Algae at Eliptical Pool.  Fires of 1988 Ravaged the Whole Area
8/3/99      I drove easily over Craig Pass (8262 ft) through burned out forest from the fires of 1988.  Beh enjoyed  Kapler Cascades and we got pictures.  Old Faithful was erupting when we entered the valley.  Wasted a lot of time in the hot sun for Old Lateful to do it again, so missed out on  the longer Geyser Hill trail.  Beh did get pictures of the Inn's log interior.  She lost her credit card and heavy worry set in about that.  We got gas and full service for $1.26 per gallon--it would be the cheapest gas until we got back to Texas!  I wheelchaired the entire Midway Geyser Basin with its amazing colored pools.  Beh took many pictures.  At the Norris Geyser Basin, I got rained on and had trouble coming up  a steep gravel trail filled with Chinese tourists.  They offered to push, but I made it when they cleared the path.  Then it was 22 miles of bad road and a brief stop for road construction.  After that, I stopped and she climbed rock at the Obsidian Cliff--a regular mountain climber!  We stopped for elk at Gardner River and Beh got close pictures--she was so excited!  At Mammoth Hot Springs, a herd of elk lounged on the shimmering white flats like they have for thousands of years without burning their feet.  Then it was rough road and high passes to Tower Falls.  In 1966, I pulled up to a bear there.  Miles of beautiful habitat, but we didn't see any animals.  I got out, but didn't  get to the falls.  At Canyon Lodge, we stayed in a brand new building with expensive rooms, no phones, and poor disability design.  I was beat from the exertion and sun of the day, but we had to wait for an hour to eat trout in the expensive dining room.  It rained.  Canyon was Harley Heaven.  Bikers going to the meet in Sturges, SD.
Ron, Norris Geyser Basin                                                                 Obsidian Cliff
Steep Gravel Trail to Norris Geyser Basin
Beh Rock Climbing at Obsidian Cliff
Beh Rock Climbing
 Beh's Shot of Me in the Van at Obsidian Cliff
Beh's Shot of Me in the Van at Obsidian Cliff.  She Climbed High on the Rocks to Take This One
 Elk Cow Grazing                                                                            Gibbon River
Elk Cow Grazing at Gibbon River
8/4/99      Beh got great cloudy pictures of the Falls.  I was strapped in and didn't get out.  I made her stop for deer, and she got some close pictures.  Then, along the Yellowstone River, we came upon herds of buffalo.  We didn't get to see any bear, moose, or sheep, but Beh enjoyed every animal she did see.  In spite of the rain, the Tetons were majestic, and Beh got pictures.  Jackson was a zoo of summer tourists and more bikers.  We couldn't stop to see the elk horns in the square because of heavy traffic and no parking.  After the high pass over the shoulder of the Tetons from Jackson, we entered Idaho.  Here, the high wheat fields were marvelous, and Beh wanted to stop for potatoes.  I took over and drove us south on I 15 to Provo.  With the mountains on my left and the Great Salt Lake on my right, it was a race to get there before dark.  After miles of narrow construction lanes in Salt Lake City, my right hand was spasming to the point that it was coming out of my steering tripin.  Beh pushed it back in place and we only relaxed in our motel room.  The buffet had no take out.  I mis-ordered at the Wendy's drive thru.  Beh was tired and angry.  We decided to stop earlier the rest of the trip.
Beautiful Undine Falls                                                                      Springs
Beautiful Undine Falls
Elk on the Flats at Mommoth                                                                         Springs
Elk on the Flats at Mommoth Springs
8/5/99      I drove out over Soldier Pass to Green River on I 70.  In the high desert, I had trouble keeping my speed up.  Beh took it for fatigue again, and insisted on driving.  We stopped at Arches National Park.  We wasted a lot of time looking for arches we couldn't see from the road.  Finally, we saw several arches, but I couldn't get out because it was raining.  There wasn't time to go to all the sights in the area.  We drove on, only stopping briefly at the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park, then to Durango for the night.  The Budget Inn had only a three bed non disabled room.  The Comfort Inn called several other motels--no rooms.  I had visions of driving to Santa Fe in the night, Beh in hysterics.  Back at the Budget Inn, we took the large room and it was very comfortable.  We wheelchaired down to a KFC and brought back chicken in a light rain.  The dome light was on in the van.  Nothing we did would turn it off.  Beh worried about a dead battery in the morning.  I knew the emergency battery would start us.
Glacier Rock
Glacier Rock
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
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