Personal  Resume


Ronald W. Hull


11830 Spring Grove Drive                                                                                                Home:     281 879-4856

Houston, Texas  77099-5025                                                                                             Email:





         EdD             Communication Technology                              West Virginia University                               1/74

                                Graduate Study in Education                           University of Wisconsin-Stout                    70-71

        MSIE            Biotechnology (Human Factors)                    Stanford University                                            1/68

                                Graduate Study in Human Factors                University of Wisconsin-Madison                66

           BS               Industrial Technology                                          University of Wisconsin-Stout                     1/66          




         9/90-Present                        Author, Editor, and Publisher

                                                             11830 Spring Grove Drive , Houston, Texas  77099-5025


Authored many poems (some published, one sold to ETS), articles, and newsletters (editor-publisher) before writing my autobiography (90-98, unpublished), created this my website (above) with over 1000 pages (97).  Authored four novels (01-10, published) and twoa books of 2215 short stories (11-12, published).  Write, edit, and format all work, published either POD or on two websites.  Judged a short story contest (10-12).  Editeding a Civil War novel (12). Reviewed 3 novels and two autobiographies (12).   Life member of AuthorsDen.Com since 2003 (over 5300,000 hits).


            9/85-8/11                           Director of Land, Facilities Inventory, and Energy Conservation (Retired)

                                                             Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas  77004


         Maintained and managed inventories of real property, rooms and room use, buildings, and utility use.  Wrote award-winning Comprehensive  Energy Conservation Program Plan (85, revised 90, 93, 00, 05, 10) and web pages (00) for the division.  Developed and maintained a network of computers with file servers and scanning, plotting, color printing, and other capabilities.  Provided data, projections, floor plans, maps, analyses, and reports for budgeting, grant proposal development, surveys, and building renovation and construction.  Developed computer data bases for land (94), the facilities inventory (93), utility consumption (93), work order dispatch operations (90), employee leaves (93), construction accounting (94), special events (93), financial aid requests (95), custodial time keeping (95), supplies inventory (94), and personnel action forms (95). Combined all these into one database , Facilities  (10), a powerful management and report-writing tool.

Managed a partially DOE funded  energy conservation project in  1998-90 that saved  $1 million per year since. Established and managed an evaporation credit program  in 1995 that saved $100,000 per year.  Served on the steering committee for the SACS reaccredidation self study (90, 99-00).



            9/81-1/92                           Special Assistant for Systems Development

                                                             Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas  77004

                                                             Joshua Hill., Vice President for Administrative Services


         Prepared responses to state task forces on security, health and safety, and the disabled.  Wrote plans for health and safety (82), disabled access (83), and energy conservation (85).  Wrote annual budget presentations.  Wrote the Facilities Users Manual (88) Strategic Plan (90) and FP & O Computer Users Manual (92).  Acquired $600,000 in grants for energy conservation. Managed $3.5 million project to provide additional campus housing and a $3 million project for campus wide energy conservation measures.  Chaired task force to acquire a new campus telephone system (84) and conducted a study of telephone operations (87).  Edited and provided information for Campus Master Plans (83, 88). and numerous other committees.


            1/81-5/81                           Adjunct Associate Professor (Visiting)

                                                             University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire  54701

                                                             James B. Wenner, Dean, School of Business Administration


         Taught Production and Operations Management.



            9/78-8/80                            Associate Professor of Business Administration

                                                             Atlanta University  30314

                                                             George G. Neffinger, Graduate School of Business Administration


         Taught Public Policy and Private Enterprise and Business Statistics.  Chaired committee developing a structure for research and wrote four proposals.  Academic council.   Research on the implications of technology on social and genetic development and intelligence.


            7/75-7/78                           Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Research

                                                             West Virginia University, Morgantown  26506

                                                             Paul W. DeVore, Program for the Study of Technology


         Managed the development of projects to investigate the nature of technology and its implications for society.  Two funded projects in FY 78, three in FY 77, two in FY 76.  Proposals written (19), co-authored (15), and produced (29).  Co-taught extension courses:  Introduction to Technology, Technology in History, Energy and Society.  Research on the future of technological development in outer space and implications of technology on social and genetic development and intelligence.


            8/74-5/75                           Assistant Professor of Management

                                                             Marshall University  Huntington, West Virginia 

                                                             Robert P. Alexander, Dean, School of Business Administration


         Taught Principles of Management, Production Management, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Computers and Data Processing,  and Business Statistics.  Graduate faculty, library acquisition, advising, and consultation on computer studies.


            5/74-8/74                           Research Associate

                                                             West Virginia University/ Marion County Schools

                                                             Paul W. DeVore/Sara Eddy and Virgil Dillon, Superintendent


         Conducted planning research under a federally-funded project with the Marion County School Board to determine needs and opportunities for training and employment of the handicapped.  The information gathered was used to develop a comprehensive special education program plan.


            8/71-5/74                           Research/Training Associate

                                                             West Virginia University, Morgantown  26506

                                                             Paul W. DeVore, Project Director

                                                             Training Program for Teachers in the Technologies (TPTT)

                                                             Robert Miller, Director, Office of Research and Development (ORD)

                                                             Division of Social and Economic Development, Appalachian Center


         Several graduate assistant positions.  Joined TPTT as a production technology specialist and conducted in-service to update WV high school teachers.  Also developed a PERT planning guide for TPTT and trained the TPTT staff on precision teaching, PERT, WYLBUR (first word processing program on interactive computer terminals), and funding proposal preparation.

         Received joint support from ORD from 8/72 and worked on joint ORD/TPTT proposals.  Conducted literature search for an ORD book on evaluation of Appalachian manpower studies.


            8/69-6/71                           Instructor of Industrial Management

                                                             University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie  54751

                                                             Raymond J. Keil, Director of Industrial Technology


         Taught Industrial Organization, Production Management, Production Control, and Statistical Quality Control.  Developed a Human Factors course which was approved.  Graduate faculty. Participated in committees, guest lecturing, and consulting.



            6/67-8/69                           Product Assurance Engineer

                                                             GTE Lenkurt, San Carlos, California  94061

                                                             C. George Griffith, Vice President, GTE, Stamford, Connecticut


         Responsibility for several quality data systems for several thousand products.  Designed a total in-process quality data system implemented 6/70.  Monitored and improved the computer programs of other systems.  Conducted computer-assisted reliability, maintainability, and statistical studies. Wrote the human factors portion of a major government contract proposal.  Responsible for the quality of all military systems from 5/69.


            1/66-8/66                           Research Assistant

                                                             University of Wisconsin-Madison                               

                                                             Gerald Nadler, Professor and Head, Industrial Engineering (at USC)


         Conducted the preliminary factor search for a mathematical model of patient care with funding from UW Hospitals.


           Summer 62                          Drafter

                                                             Praschak Machine Company, Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449


  Summers 60, 61, 63                  Factory Laborer

                                                             Rollohome Corporation, Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449




    CQAE         Certified Quality Assurance Engineer                American Society for Quality Control       7/68

GS-9 82.0  Systems Design and Analysis                                       NASA, Langley and Johnson Centers         11/72

     GS-11         Midlevel  Management                                                 Washington, DC and San Francisco                73

      CEM           Certified Energy Manager                                          Energy Engineering Association                     10/90

     CLEP          Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional      Energy Engineering Association                      7/93


Professional Affiliations


           63-Present                 Epsilon Pi Tau (Honorary)

                                                             Initiation Committee                                                                  65

                                                             Faculty Advisor, Alpha Upsilon Chapter                 77-78

           73-Present                 Phi Delta Kappa (Honorary)

                                                             Membership Advisor                                                               75-78

                 66-67                       American Institute of Industrial Engineers

                                                             Student Member                                                                                

                 64-71                       Stout Society of Industrial Technology

                                                             Student Member                                                                           64-66

                                                             Program Chairman                                                                    65-66

                 67-71                       American Society for Quality Control

                                                             National Convention, Los Angeles                                      69

                                                             Speaker, Midwest Silver Anniversary                          3/70

                                                                      Conference, Minneapolis

                 71-74                       West Virginia Industrial Arts Association

                                                             State Conference                                                                     71, 72, 74

                    73                           American Industrial Arts Association                                         

                                                             National Convention, Atlantic City                                 73

                                                             New York State Conference, Binghamton                      74

                 75-92                       World Future Society

                                                             President, West Virginia Chapter                                  77-78

                                                             Executive Committee, Atlanta Chapter                      79-80

                                                             Twenty-Twenty Conference, Huntsville AL               2/77

                                                             Mid South Conference, Murfreesboro, TN                       80

                                                             Speaker, World Congress, Toronto                                    7/80

                                                    Society for the History of Technology                                        

                                                             Journal                                                                                               75-80

                                                    American Academy of Arts and Sciences

                                                             Journal                                                                                               75-80

                 78-91                       American Association for the Advancement of Science

                                                             144th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC                      1/78

                                                             145th Annual Meeting, Houston                                         1/79

           79-Present                 Charles Babbage Institute

                                                             Charter Member


                                                    Wilson Associates, Smithsonian Institution

                                                             Journal                                                                                          75-Present

           90-Present                 Energy Engineering Association

                                                             World Congress, Austin, TX                                                     04

                                                             World Congress, Austin, TX                                                     05


Professionally-Related Activities


                  5/70                        Coordinator             Management Information Seminar                    UW-Stout

                 70-71                       Partner Arora-Hull Associates (Consulting)                                       UW-Stout

                    84                           Producer                     Multi-Institution Information Tours                 Texas Southern University

                 80-89                       Faculty Mentor      Columbia Pacific University

                                                                      Completed:     1 Bachelor of Science

                                                                                                     1 Master of Science

                                                                                                     7 Doctors of Philosophy

                    89                           Producer                     Strategic Planning Workshop                              Texas Southern University  

                 88-91                       Producer                     Macintosh Training Workshops, FP &O        Texas Southern University

                 88-93                       Supervisor                Energy Intern Program                                               GEO/TAMU

                  3/95                        Guest Lecturer         Management Decision-Making, 2 Classes     TSU/Technology

                 12/95                       Guest Lecturer         Ergonomics                                                                        TSU/Technology

                  4/00                        Guest Lecturer         Industrial Safety                                                          TSU/Technology

                  5/10                        Instructor                   Residential Energy Auditing                                TSU/Technology



Professional Development


                  3/70                        Effective Engineering Institute                                                                     UW-Milwaukee

          Summer, 70                Educational Professions Development Institute                                UW-Stout

         11/76, 11/77               Grants and Contracts Writing Seminars, Lakeview                        West Virginia University

       82-91, 00,02,05             Facilities Inventory Workshops, Coordinating Board

                 12/83                       Safety Training Workshop, Workers' Compensation                    UH-Clear Lake

                    84                           DOE/ICP Proposal Workshop                                                                      GEO, TAMU

                    87                           Building Code Workshop, City of Houston                                          U of Houston

                    87                           Building Energy Efficiency Standard Workshop                              GEO, U of Houston

                    90                           Energy Audit Management Workshop                                                     GEO, UT-Austin

                 10/90                       Energy Manager Training, Energy Engineering Association        Phoenix        

                  8/96                        DOE Green Lights Lighting Efficiency Workshop                           Houston

            6/98, 8/98                  Microsoft Windows NT 4. 0 Training, Productivity Point            Houston




Speaking Engagements


                  8/88                        A Comprehensive Energy Program for Multi-Building Facility.  Annual Facilities           

                                                    Workshop, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Galveston.

                  4/87                        A Comprehensive Energy Program for Multi-Building Facility.   Annual Symposium                                                           on Energy Conservation in Hot and Humid Climates, Texas A and M University and                                                                                the Energy Systems Laboratory, Houston.

              7/14/82                    Getting Started.  Panel Member, Annual Facilities Inventory Workshop, Texas                                                               Coordinating Board for Colleges and Universities, Austin.

                  3/81                        Education for a New Paradigm Society,  Northwest Wisconsin Chapter of the World                                                                        Future Society, UW-Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

                  7/80                        Metaperspectives for the Future:  Technology,  World Future Society World                                                                            Congress, Toronto, Canada.

                  4/80                        The Need for a New Metaperspective in Worldwide Planning.  Southwestern                                                          General Systems Group Annual Meeting, Birmingham.

                  4/80                        Education for a New Paradigm Society.  National Meeting of State School Boards,                                                           Atlanta, Georgia.

                  3/80                        Getting Beyond Coping.  Coping with Change Conference.  World Future Society,                                                          Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

                 10/79                       Education for a New Paradigm Society.  Educational Futures Conference, Education                                                          Section, World Future Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

                 12/77                       Professional Progress of a Scholarship Recipient with a Severe Handicap.   Kiwanis                                                                 Club, Marshfield, Wisconsin.

                 12/77                       Technology and the Future:  The Opening Window.  West Virginia Chapter of the                                                          World Future Society, Morgantown.

                 11/77                       Technology, Ecology, and Water Quality.  Water Quality Planning Conference,                                                                   Morgantown, West Virginia.

                 11/76                       The Future of Technology in Outer Space.  Third Annual Technology in the Future                                                           Conference, Fairmont State College, Fairmont, West Virginia.

                  8/75                        Occupations in the Future.   4H Camp, Camp Muffly, West Virginia.

                 10/70                       A Total In-Process Quality Control System,.  Midwest Silver Anniversary Conference,                                                   American Society for Quality Control, Minneapolis Minnesota.




                High School                       Kiwanis Scholarship                                                               61

                                                                    Varsity Letters (4)

                                                                          Cross Country                                                                        59,60

                                                                          Wrestling                                                                                   61

                                                                          Track                                                                                             61

                                                                          Uthrotar (Rotary Club)                                                    60

                UW- Stout                            Fee Scholarships                                                                     61-65

                                                                    Dean's List (7 semesters)                                                     62-66

                                                                    Medallion Award                                                                       66

                                                                    High Distinction                                                                         66

                Stanford                                Wheeler Engineering Fellowship                                 66-67

                West Virginia U              President's Scholar-4.0 GPA                                             71-74

                Texas Southern U             State Award/DOE Energy Efficiency Awards       7/88

                                                                    Governor's Energy Efficiency Commendation          9/91          






                Boy Scouts                            Eagle                                                                                                   58

                                                                    Order of the Arrow                                                                     58

                Church Groups                   High School                                                                                57-61

                                                                    College                                                                                           61-67

                                                                          President, United Campus Ministry                      65-66

                                                                          Civil Rights Conference, Madison, WI                   62

                                                                          Cities Conference, Minneapolis, MN                        65

                                                                          Quadrennial Conference, Lincoln, NB                      65

                UW-Stout                             Stout Foundation Advisory Board                                 70-71

                                                                    Volunteer, Drug and Crisis Hot Line                               71

                Stanford                                Campaign for Stanford                                                            77

                Community                          Treasurer, Cheat Canyon Park                                        75-78

                                                                    Abilities Exchange                                                            95-Present

                Texas Southern U             Committee for Environmental Enhancement           81-87

                                                                          Banquet Committee                                                             83

                                                                    Advisor, Disabled Students                                         81-Present

                                                                          Word Processor Gift, AB Dick                                       85

                                                                    Guest Lecturer, Management,  Human Factors    94, 95, 00

                                                                    Steering Committee, SACS Self Study                   90, 99-00




       Master's Project                       Inspector Performance Response:  Analysis of the Performance of Inspectors             

              9/67-1/68                              at Inspection Stations.  A paper presented to the Industrial Engineering                                                                    Department.  Stanford University:  January, 1968.  47 pages.

    Doctoral Research                    ORACLE:  A Computer-Assisted Logical System for Synthesizing the                       

              6/72-1/74                              Educational Philosophy of an Individual.  A dissertation.  West Virginia                                                                    University:  January, 1974.  397 pages.

Post Doctoral Research             A Survey of Needs and Opportunities for the Handicapped in Marion County        

              5/74-8/74                              Schools.  Final report.  Technology Education Program, West Virginia                                                                    University:  August, 1974.  198 pages.  (ERIC Reports)


     Faculty Research                     Investigation of the alternatives for technological society in the future.                        

             10/76-8/77                            Unpublished concept paper.  August, 1977.  39 pages.

                                                                 The Sources of Energy, Alternatives for the Future, and A Scenario:  2050.                                3/78-4/78              Three slide presentations.  April, 1978.

                                                                 Pathways to Transformation.  Continued theoretical investigation of the    

       10/78-Present                           possible course of technology in the future.  Unpublished concept paper.                                                                      August, 1979.  38 pages.




Graduate School Opportunities for Industrial Technology Undergraduates.  A guide.  Menomonie:  Industrial Technology, UW-Stout, September, 1965.

A Total In-Process Quality Control System.  Proceedings of  the Silver Anniversary Midwest Conference of the American Society for Quality Control, Minneapolis, March, 1970.

TPTT Planning Guide.  A PERT planning guide for technology teacher centers.  Morgantown:  Training Program for Teachers in the Technologies, West Virginia University, April, 1972.  (Second Edition, April, 1973).

Intelligence and the Machine.  A monograph.  Morgantown:  West Virginia University Foundation, Technology Education Program, April, 1972.

Looking.  A poem.  In Quality American Poetry - 1974 - Book II.  Edited by William Lloyd Griffin.  Huntington, WV:  Valley Publications, 1974.

Revelation.  A poem.  In Quality American Poetry - 1975 - Book III.  Edited by William Lloyd Griffin.  Huntington, WV:  Valley Publications, 1975.

A Sometime Journal.  Chief writer and editor.   Newsletter of the West Virginia Chapter of the World Future Society.  Volume I, Nos. 1 and 2, 1977-78.

Future Think.  Chief writer and editor.   Newsletter of the Georgia Chapter of the World Future Society.  Bimonthly.  Volumes 1 and 2, 1979-80.

Education for a New Paradigm Society.  Educational Futures:  Sourcebook II.  Edited by Kathleen M. Redd.  Education Section, World Future Society,  Bethesda, MD, 1979.  (ERIC Reports ED 182 255).

Metaperspectives for the Future:  Technology.  Presentation at the World Future Society World Congress, Toronto, 1980.  (ERIC Reports ED 198 016).

Consulting Resources for the Future:  Matching Needs with Knowledge.  Co-authored with Joan Maki.  World Future Society Bulletin.  16:1:21-24.  January-February, 1982.  (ISSN 0049-8092).

Knowledge/Skills Considerations:  A Computer Capacity Management Implementation Strategy.  Co-authored with Konrad E. Sadek.  Proceedings of the Fourth Annual International Conference on Computer Capacity Management, San Francisco, April, 1982.

Communication and Information:  Their Relationship to Computer-Based Information Systems.  Co-authored with Konrad E. Sadek and Michael A. Wilmer.  Proceedings of the Sixth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, Vienna, Austria, April, 1982.

Knowledge/Skill Transfer between Environments:  Its Influence on Computer-Based Information System Design.  Co-authored with Konrad E. Sadak and Alexander E. Tomeski.  Proceedings of the 1982 Joint National ORSA/TIMS Meeting.  San Diego, CA, October, 1982.  Also published in The Journal of Systems Management.  34:8:21-29.  August, 1983.

Computer-Based Information Systems in International Relief Organizations.  Co-authored with Konrad E. Sadak and Alexander E. Tomeski.  Proceedings of the 1982 American Institute for Decision Science Meeting.  San Francisco, CA, November, 1982.

A Comprehensive Energy Management Program for Multibuilding Facility.  Proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium on Energy Conservation in Hot and Human Climates.  College Station, Texas A and M University, 1987.

Comprehensive Energy Management Program Plan.  Part of the Manual for State Agency Energy Management Programs.  Texas State Energy Conservation Office, General Services Agency.  Austin, Texas 1990.  Revised 1993, 1995, 2000.

Hanging by a Thread.  Unpublished Autobiography. 396 pp. 1997.

Introducing Organizational Change--The Story of One Group's Journey.  Co-authored with Konrad E. Sadak and Lionel P. Ng.  Group Practice Journal.   April, 1998.

The Kaleidoscope Effect.  A historical science fiction novel.  Stinton, CT:  2000, 75 pp.  2nd Edition  2008

Alone?  A historical science fiction novel.  Stinton, CT:  2002, 275 pp.  2nd Edition  2009.

Warıs End.  A historical novel.  Self published.  Houston,TX:  2005, 245 pp.

American Mole:  The Vespers.  A novel.  Self published.  Houston,TX:  2008, 399 pp.

Mesa Verde.  A poem.  Sold to the Educational Testing Service, in perpetuity. Princeton, NJ.  2009.

Itıs in the Water and Other Stories.  A collection of fifteen fourteen short stories.  Self published.  Houston,TX:  2011, 146 pp.

Verge of Apocalypse Tales.  A collection of nine short stories.  Self published.  Houston,TX:  2012, 212 pp.



Computer Skills



                         Microsoft Word     Excellent             Desktop Publishing, Letters, Memos

                         Microsoft Excel      Excellent             Spreadsheets, Forms, Linked Calculations, Charts

                         MS PowerPoint      Excellent             Original, Color, Presentations

                         Helix                           Excellent             Client/Server Data Management-Input Forms, Multiple Output Formats, including Forms, Form Letters, Notices, Lists, Queried Lists, Summaries, and other Productivity Tools --Beta Tester

                         MacDraw Pro          Excellent             Line Drawing, Coloring, Rendering

                         SuperPaint               Excellent             Scan Editing, pixel by pixel.                

                         ClarisCad                 Untrained           Skilled Drafter with Drafting Machines, Both Mech and Architect

                         PhotoShop               Good                       Format Translation, Editing, Touch Up, Resizing, shadowing

                         MacProject                Excellent             Schedule and Resource Allocation Charts, expert on PERT and other CPM techniques

                         Meanıs Cost              Good                       Estimate and check bids on construction projects


                         Dragon                        Excellent             Operate Windows computer and dictate documents.


                         Dragon Dictate      Excellent             Operate Macintoshcomputer and dictate documents.

                         File Sharing            Good                       Purchased, installed, and administered a 35 computer LAN of mixed devices, two fileservers, both ethernet and WiFi

                         Mail                             Good                       Purchased, installed, and administered a LAN mail server.

                         iMovie                        Good                       Edit digital video, create movies and publish to web.

                         Good                             Used                       Disk  First Aid, Disinfectant and Norton to restore crashed

                         Utilities                                                               disks, recover files, and eliminate corrupted or incompatible applications from the referenced computers 85-98

                         Browsers                    Good                       Good Internet access, search skills.  Compose web pages (over 1000)

                         HTML                          Good                       Design and develop web pages. FTP and editing

                         Win NT 4.0               In Training         Microsoft Administration and Workstation courses completed 98

                         TMA                             In Training         Three day course on The Maintenance Authority 00

                         ArchiBus                   In Training         Two day course on the use of Archibus with AutoCad 01




                         Mac PCs                      Excellent             Have set up and installed Mac OS systems and software on all Mac computers from SE Pluses to  iMacs.  Have installed RAM, accelerator boards, ethernet cards, interal and external hard drives, voice activation systems, fax modems and other accessories with physical assistance from others.

                         PCs                                Excellent             Good use of Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP.  Have some difficulty with physical operation of two-button mouse.          

                         Network                    Good                       Designed, bid, and installed a Farralon PhoneNet LAN using Starcontrollers and the existing telephone cabling in building.  Added an ethernet controller using InterNet Router software to join ethernet and LocalTalk

                         Printers                       Good                       Installed dot matrix  and laser printers in strategic locations on the network to provide excellent access to printers.  Added one scanner, one thermal color printer, and one plotter, to provide for most needs










Current References


              McKen V. Carrington,

              Distinguished Professor and Former Dean

Thurgood Marshal School of Law

              Texas Southern University

              3100 Cleburne Avenue

              Houston, Texas  77004

              713 313-4455



              Charles D. Carter

              Vice President for Administration  and Comptroller

              A-Rocket Moving and Storage

              20602 Woodcluster Lane

              Houston, Texas  77073

              281 443-0541

              713 502-2250  cell

              281 443-8604 fax



James B. Anderson

Assistant Director of Energy & Environmental Programs

Housing Authority

City of Baltimore

              410 396-4033

              281 889-2064 cell


Cary D. Wintz

              Distinguished Professor of History

              Texas Southern University

2001 Holcombe Blvd., #602

Houston, TX  77030-4214







                  Born:  Owen, Wisconsin  12/21/42                                  Single                      Quadriplegic/Spinal Injury 1963




                  Canada, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas


A list of proposals authored, co-authored, and produced is available.


A list of mentorships for Columbia Pacific University is available.


A list of additional references is available.