Never Knew Your Name

I saw you in the park,
saw you at the game,
but you were in the dark, for,
I never knew your name.

I loved you, it seemed, forever,
hoped you loved me the same,
but forever became never,
for I never knew your name.

I dreamed of you every night,
but were my dreams to blame?
Was I wrong or was I right,
for never knowing your name?

So when the years rolled on,
and your love, I could never claim,
your love became like a song,
that didn't have a name.

Soon my days will be over,
though I may have gained fame,
and I found a four leaf clover,
still, I never knew your name.

Pink Woman Silhoette

Unknown Woman

A wistful poem/song about that
someone you saw and instantly fell
in love with but never got to know.

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