You Haunt Me

Deep in the night, the firefly light,
sparkles in the mid summer dew.

Distance narrowed, sounds arrowed,
as I grope through the damp for you.

The bark of dog, the chirp of tree frog,
conspire in the mist to deceive me.

A pale of light, dim in the night, beckons,
I am drawn to it against my desire.

I climb to a limb, an eye on beware,
like a moth to the light of fire.

An image comes clear, framed in a mirror,
once again it is you, taunting.

Checking your hair, you know I am there,
I can hear soft music playing.

Soon your T-shirt is gone, sharp tan lines, linger on,
my reason of senses desert me.

You play with your jeans, an eternity it seems,
to reveal pouting pink through the mist.

My time is near, my purpose is clear,
I know now the promise in your gist.

Just for fun, your stockings may run,
put them on, take them off, inspecting.

Combos you try, candy for eye,
I teeter on my perch, genuflecting.

Tiring of teasing, practically sleazing,
you give me that "come hither" sign.

I'm out on a limb, too slender to shin,
but I must finally have you for mine.

Off in a rush, the pressure's too much,
no time to think of my pride.

I'm falling again, deep into sin,
and awake with only sweat by my side.

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