Christmas Remembrance

I remember sleigh rides, bells jingling to and fro,
runners gliding silently, through new-fallen snow.
The horses' breath puffing time, to their mighty strides,
our cold cheeks red with glow, warm under fur hides.

I remember forests, decorated green and white.
Blue spruce, tall pine, birch and holly berry,
Red cardinal, chickadee, and crow’s distant plight.
Water flowing under clear ice gurgling merry.

The sun sets amber over the frost-draped dale,
Silently gliding, like a movie fades into night,
Becomes a scene stolen from a Dickens’ tale.
Icicles gleaming in the full moon's eerie light.

I remember the farmhouse set on the side of hill,
The light from its windows glowing merrily bright.
White smoke wafting from its snowy chimney top.
Signaling far and wide that all was well and right.

I remember Christmas Eves, the family gathered round.
Opening presents, eating heartily, and children laughing.
What a glorious sound.  Auntie at the piano keys;
We sang carols by firelight all night long.

I remember going home late those nights,
Aurora Borealis painting the sky so brightly deep.
A perfect topping to our day’s delights,
as we slipped to bed and drifted off to sleep.

I remember Christmas morns with presents under the tree.
We would wake early and eagerly run to see anew,
The miracle wrought during our night’s slumber,
when Santa came and left before we knew.

I remember Christmas Days with friends and family round,
everyone talking loudly above the kids’ happy run.
Played in deep snow until we were cold, tired and hungry,
and then returned home for more warm food and fun.

I remember Christmases spent far away from home,
in my cold and lonely room alone--No one coming.
When not sharing Christmas cheer was the saddest of all,
And icicles stabbed my heart, melting teardrops running.

I remember better now when Christmas time appears,
the wonder of my childhood and all those Christmas years.
And when I can no longer experience Christmas time at all.
I have remembrance of Christmases past to carry to my fall.

Sleighride through snowy wonderland

Image Courtesy Lone Moutain Ranch


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