Christmas Drunk

It started at the office party,
open bar free booze for all.
Next thing I know the office flirt,
has me in the closet in the hall.

After hours of carousing,
seem to have lost that flirt,
ended up in a cold snowbank,
at least it wasn't muddy dirt.

The car wouldn't start,
bless it's dead battery heart,
so I slogged on home,
walking, slip and start.

Got a ride somehow,
like a drunk or fool,
arrived home very late,
snow melting in a pool.

Slipped on that wet floor,
and went down hard,
with a loud, "Oops, owww!"
bang! Like a sack of lard.

Sleepy eyed son appeared,
asked, "Is Santa here?"
through my bellringing head,
I yelled, "No, back to bed, dear!"

Wife was not happy,
with a husband so sappy,
trimming the tree, when,
all he wanted was a nappy.

Woke up with a hangover,
to the kids' loud play.
No joy there for me,
just another, hungover, day.

Drunk Santa

Drunk Santa Courtesy

I started writing Christmas Blues, but somehow
ended up with this. Bears no resemblance to my
behavior, but may to some others out there.

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