Write Right

Write right, read well, my friend.
The pile of Babel grows,
and there is no mend.

Written word has had authority,
since writing first began.
The power of the written word
seems to have no end.

Yellow journalism abounds,
from the tabloid's true lies,
to an actor's abs and thighs.

Quack journalists crank out tales,
on blogs that raise eyebrows.
Their purses made of silk,
their facts made of sows.

Everyone's an authority,
in their own mind’s eye.
It is when they write it down,
I've come to deny.

That the truth cannot be relative,
shaped, or politicized.
It’s hidden in the written word,
And should not be ostracized.

The problem, my friend, lies,
in finding where truth hides,
in the massive pile of slies.

Happy hunting...  …and write right.
Image of yellow jounalism in the late 19th Century.


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Cartoon Courtesy Coxandforkum.com

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