Wren Amid the Sparrows

There is a little sedge wren,
that's the first to come each day.
To partake of our bird feeder,
while birdie search and play.

The hungry horde of sparrows,
is a very skittish lot.
They fly off in a moment,
not wanting to get caught.

The wren is not so skittish,
he eats amid the rest.
But he's not so quick to fly off,
he knows he's our guest.

And it's sad to see the,
white winged dove,
with its broken leg.

It hobbles about and,
ruffles its feathers,
I hope it survives,
this injury it weathers.

In the warm afternoon,
the wren comes around,
working the grass,
for morsels to be found.

I see his little head,
and then he pops up,
from driving down deep,
like an appointment to keep.

It makes me wonder,
if he has a mate.
but it's early spring,
and not too late.

he will fly off,
to northern climes.
But I will remember,
his morning dines.

Now the house finch,
as arrived from further south.
Cycling the seasons,
from beak to mouth.

Sedge Wren Singing

Sedge Wren © Glenn Bartley Audubon.org

This little wren is a delight to watch
amid the many other birds that come to
my backyard either to forage, to partake
of the birdfeeder, perches, or cover.

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