Work in America

There's work to be done,
but I'm on the run,
no time for work,
while having fun.

Work requires discipline,
I'd rather be out in the sun,
putting off what I should have done,
excuse please, got to run.

Work means acquiring skill,
things that are over the hill.
I am skilled at what I do,
no need to learn anything new.

I know how to get what I need,
don't have to beg, don't have to plead.
With help from my friends, I get by,
why should I work hard? Why?

I'm looking for a way to get rich quick,
working at a job just ain't my shtick.
Working to retire very soon,
so I can sleep until noon.

So, I will waste another day,
scheming to get my way.
Not concerned about the other guy,
only concerned about me and my.

Got my degree to make money,
can't get my hands dirty, honey.
I'm looking for the right work,
won't see me dirty, like some jerk.

Flipping burgers at Big Mac,
ain't my line of attack.
I'll play a game of wait-and-see,
wearing a suit is where I'll be.

Yes, I know there is work to be done,
so let the fools do it,
I'm on the run...

See ya!

Work in America

There’s a lot of talk about jobs, but high
paying, low skill jobs aren’t coming back. 
There’s plenty of work to be done, but
most Americans are too busy  with trivial
pursuits, or too arrogant, to go out and do it..


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