Wolf at the Door

It's been a long, long winter,
and the wolf is at the door.

The college loans are due,
those lottery tickets didn't score.

My dream of being a star someday,
grows dimmer, more and more.

Those menial jobs I'm working,
barely pay the rent.

When I leave the grocery store,
my paycheck has been spent.

My old car needs major work,
but I can't afford the repair.

I struggle to pay for gasoline,
my insurance bills cause despair.

The commute is long and hard,
but I endure it every day.

My boss is cruel and heartless,
threatening to cut my pay.

I have no time for sickness,
my deductible is too great.

My home is now long gone,
foreclosed because I was late.

I couldn't help being laid off,
sharks and bank couldn't wait.

Retirement is a far-off dream,
that I have not saved for.

But if I can't even pay the rent,
I'll soon be out this door.

To join the wolf in the wilderness,
that dream of mine… no more.

Wolf at the Door

Drawing  © Kristi Hareguizer at DeviatArt.com

With half of the United States working
population with no accumulated wealth,
and the next 30% struggling to maintain
what they have, and threats from many
fronts, there is a growing pessimism
about the future that needs to be addressed.

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