Woe is Me

Woe is me.  Woe is me.  (Chorus)
The world keeps on turning; how can that be?

I sit here in wonder, and count to three.
The world keeps on turning; how can that be?

I used to be woo when I was free,
but now it is woe that I surely be.


I sit here and sigh at what I see.
The world keeps on churning,
like my love for thee.

But woo was for two and now we are three.


The oceans are rising like my love for we three,
but the tides of our times foretell what to be.

The tides of our times strike a bad note,
Time after time we struggle to float.


The woo in me longs for the peace of the sea,
but woe in me pushes to bended knee.

The stars in the sky shine constantly,
but the earth ‘neath my feet yearns fervently.


Woe is my future as far as I can see,
Woe tears at my soul as I gasp this last plea.

Woe is the teacher that brought me to the tree,
where life springs eternal, marching from the sea.


And when my woe is over and I can clearly see,
The nightmare passed and once again I'm free.

My woo will return and we'll be more than three,
we'll dance and sing and love life long, eternally.

Eternally... eternally... we'll dance and sing
 and love life long, eternally....

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