Wit's End

Did you ever have one of those days,
weeks, months, or years,
when every thing you did turned sour,
resulting in your greatest fears?

Have you ever worked so hard it hurt,
straining your brain for a solution;
Only to find through all your trials,
that all your effort was a delusion?

Have you ever reached for the stars,
getting stuck halfway to Mars?
Your mighty rocket falling short,
trapped in an orbit, a jail without bars?

Well, friend, we've all been there.
When our best efforts aren't enough.
When we have to either give up,
or stick it out and really get tough.

Giving up will ease our mind,
lower our blood pressure a bit,
and a sense of peace we'll find,
with a gnawing sense of failure on it.

Getting tough may hit a brick wall,
the harder you try the greater you fall.
Or, you may just finally break through,
with a sense of satisfaction in it all.

If it weren't for your last wit,
you wouldn't have any wit at all.
It is better to have struggled,
then to have never taken a fall.

And so, my friend, give it your all,
you never know when you'll break through,
and you'll be able to stand very tall.

Wit's End by D.J. Gilner

Image © D.J. Gelner

After many hours perfecting the cover
on my autobiography, my publisher
told me that there were "faint gray boxes"
on my artwork, unseen by me at high
magnification, that would be
"rejected by the printer." Frustrated, I am
having a cover designer do
the exact same cover to
remove the imaginary boxes.

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