I'm not living like a sage,
but I'm living in a wireless age.

Where all things are possible,
once they are done.

Think of an idea,
and make it run.

It is utterly amazing,
all this stuff,
is transmitted with ease,
as if that's not enough.

With magical fingers,
we make it play.

Soon cloud computing,
will, "make our day."

Imagine shooting someone,
with a 44 Magnum,
and getting clean away.

Imagine "Avatar,"
and having it play,
on your lap with no top.

Driving while brainless,
if that isn't enough.

Making the inner your outer space,
if you got the right stuff.

Going wireless is easy,
going wireless is fun.

But watch what you wish for,
and where you run.
MacArthur Park Melting
Wireless Logo, Logan Library


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