Window World

My window on the world,
is growing larger,
with every passing day.

I can fly with the eagles,
swim with the fishes,
in my very own way.

From the highest of mountaintops,
to the deepest of seas,
to even the edge of the universe,
in comfort and in ease.

My search never ends,
for I am not pleased,
to stop my searching,
with an understanding of bees.

For the world is my oyster,
a cornucopia cup.
I'll drink to your world,
for tonight we sup.

With an insatiable appetite,
for what we can learn.
With the click of a mouse,
and a deep inner yearn.

We can never learn too much,
from the stars in the sky,
we can never learn too much,
where the microbes ply.

This is my world,
and my window is big.
It will always get larger,
omnivorous as a pig.

But I am not greedy,
for riches or fame.
I'm hungry for knowledge,
my only game.

So seek all ye seekers,
a world of your own.
The window's wide open,
right from your home.

My window on the world

My window on the world,

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