Wind Free

The wind blows free,
and the you in me,
is revealed.

The clouds roll by,
in an endless sky,
and we know our fate,
is sealed.

So off we go,
to and fro,
to chase the wind,
of our desire.

Nomads of note,
in a land of rote,
we dare not raise,
the hurricane's ire.

The ease of the breeze,
does as it please,
and we are but embers,
to its fire.

We float on the draft,
our own little liferaft,
looking for ways,
to inspire.

But everyone knows,
whichever way the wind blows,
we'll bend to its whimsical lyre.

Free as the wind,
from thoughts that have sinned,
risen from the muck and the mire.

To reach for the stars,
where the wind never mars,
and our grasp soars ever higher.

Oak Tree Shaped by the Wind

Image © Nick Fullerton,

May the wind always fill your sails…

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