Why We Lie

Man/woman was not designed to stand 24/7.
He/she must lie prostrate half of his/her time,
under God's great canopy of heaven.

Besides, before there was a chair,
he/her had to lie down flat to sleep.
But with modern recliners,
he/her can do it in front of the silver screen,
forgetting to say, "My soul to keep."

But there is an inherent danger,
in lying flat on one's back.
Besides the tendency to snore,
comes the sleep apnea attack.

We politely say, "He/she went to sleep."
When he/she choked to death on his/her own,
vomit while holding his/her breath too deep.

So much for the midnight snack...
Leading to that stroke or heart attack.

We politely say, "I slept with her/him,
when we mean just the opposite.
We certainly are lying while doing sex,
unless we are in another position,
to avoid the dreaded missionary hex.

If you thought this poem was about lying,
you certainly were right.
There are little lies all through it,
that you can contemplate as you lie,
unable to sleep over it, tonight.

View from a Window Seat

Best Way to Get Some Rest on a Crowded
Airplane © FreakingNews.com<

A little fun with the double meaning of lying
inspired by an article in the National Geographic.

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