White Space

White space is nice,
when used on the page.
Gives the eye a breather,
especially one that's aged.

White space backlights most TVs,
heightens colors with great ease.
Don't look for it if you please,
causes cross eye disease.

White space is authors' greatest fear,
staring at pages year-to-year.
Without a word to put down,
afraid to be revealed the clown.

White space can fog the view,
flying or driving becomes brand-new.
And if you dare to speed into,
a big crash up will come to you.

White space is the blizzard's fare,
blocking the view from here to there.
Erasing evidence of where you've been,
you may never come back again.

White space between the blue sky,
Antarctica is peaceful to fly by.
But white can be deadly on the ground,
when the wind howls and the sun goes down.

White space is created by whiteout,
after a few sniffs, scream and shout.
Used to think it helped writing,
addicts will tell you it is quite frightening.

There is no white space in outer space,
and it's not that night just knows its place.
Without atmosphere, white doesn't exist,
while white stars shine on with bliss.

Why are blanks shown as white?
Aren't they neutral in any light?
So if you shoot blanks from your writers' gun,
what color your victim in the setting sun?

White on White

White on White
Kazimir Malevich 1918

Museum of Modern Art, NYC


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