White Crosses

White crosses march out on every side,
Each marking a soldier in final abide. 

A Christian symbol for those who went to war,
Preserving freedom of religion forevermore. 

War is not sacred; nor is it profane.
Not part of God's great plan; nor some cruel game. 

War is waged by men with a plan.
To sacrifice some for the good of the clan. 

But who lies yonder neath the green green grass?
Men who died too soon taking on that task. 

So it is them we honor, holding a bold white sign. 
Off to war for religion until eternal time. 

Maybe someday the crosses can come down. 
Soldiers freed from holding, hallowed ground. 

White Crosses at a Military Cemetery

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull


White Crosses of United States Soldiers in Europe


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