White Coral

Deep under the moonlit night dead dark sea,
a ghastly white coral graveyard came to be.

It wasn't frigid cold waters that did the coral in,
burning ancient graveyards accomplished the sin.

Though there are those who would deny,
a warming ocean bid the colors goodbye.

The bleaching took place nearly overnight,
like Earth's minerals wrenched to the mantle site.

Where their feathered filigree crystalline white,
casts lingering shadows on trophy walls' night.

But where is the care for the oceans' plight?
The kaleidoscope colors washed in sunlight?

The millions of fish that grazed in the fronds,
striking brilliant variety; no stinking fish ponds.

Just a world of wondrous beauty to behold,
gone in a heartbeat of the oceans' tale told.

What will remain when the coral is all gone?
Just ghastly leached skeleton and this song.

Just ghastly leached skeleton and this song.
Closely we'll follow, where bleached bones belong.

 Bleached Coral on the Great Barrier Reef

AFP photo from Washington Post article 4/29/16

A recent scientific study shows that 93% of Australia's Great Barrier
Reef is subject to coral bleaching from warm El Nio waters in March 2016.
While coral can come back to these reefs when conditions are right from
spore that floats in the ocean, when bleaching occurs, it deprives marine
life of hiding places and food for literally millions of sea creatures
ranging from plankton to whales. The richness and variety of coral reefs
supplies the oceans with its bounty and variety of life that gives humans
life. Who are we to deprive future generations of this free food source
and beauty for a scant few years of electricity created from burning coal?
We are shortsighted, wasteful, greedy and profit oriented--that's who.

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