Where Have All
the Wild Ones Gone?

Another year has come and gone,
the endangered list grows ever long.

In Africa, there is never enough food,
to feed the hungry, milling throng.

Tribal customs still live strong,
and "wild meat" comes to town.

In Asia, the land grows ever bare,
farmed by humans struggling there.

No habitat left for fish, fur or fowl,
a plundered nest so stripped and foul.

In South America, the jaguars' growl.
Is as lonely as the coyotes' howl.

The Arctic ice is so thin and bare,
the polar bear struggles just to live.

It does not matter much to bears,
how much we donate or give.

The rich and reckless love their sushi,
while wild blue fin tuna struggle to survive.

Shark fin soup is a Chinese staple,
but how many sharks still remain alive?

Whale meat can feed a nation,
but when all whales are dead and gone.

Will the ocean ecosystem,
continue to thrive and carry on?

These questions are strong and deep,
questions without answers we must keep.

In our minds as we move on.
Where have all the wild ones gone?

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