Wheels of Fire

On wheels of fire,
the men of summer run.
Round and round they go,
car and driver one.

Spindly are their vehicles,
wasplike with their wing.
Still, they're strong and agile,
with fiery wheels that sing.

Buzzing like hornets,
locked on their attack.
They jockey for position,
and give no room for slack.

For mighty is the warrior,
whose chariot comes in first.
And great is the glory,
to each young warrior’s thirst.

Great too is the sacrifice,
for one small mistake.
Hitting the wall at 200,
can make the body break.

Long is the list,
of those who gave their lives.
To race those glorious Sundays,
and shine in their fans eyes.

The wheels of fire are burning,
in some young fan's eyes.
And it will be at Indy,
where she lives or dies.
Rahal Team at Indy

Photo Courtesy Rahal Letterman Racing


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