What You are to Me 


You are my everything,

As far as I can see.

You are my bright sun in the morning,

That's what you are to me.


You are my bright star shining,

As deep as the deep blue sea.

You keep my hearth fires warming,

That's what you mean to me.


I cannot count the times,

You have come to my side.

I cannot put in rhymes,

How you fill me with pride.


You are my now and forever,

As perennial as a tree.

My own Rock of Gibraltar,

You stand behind me.


You brighten up my world,

And fill my days with glee.

Each night I thank the Lucky Star,

That brought you to me.


If I could write a thousand rhymes,

Of how I feel for thee.

They would but be a drop in the ocean,

Of what you are to me.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull




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