What the Heck?

What the heck?
GOP's agenda's a train wreck.

Cow jumped over the blue, bloodied moon,
tax reform come to roost very soon.

Get your little money and spend it quick,
boost the economy; that's the trick.

Stock market's reached an all-time bubble,
overextended like this means big trouble.

Meanwhile, paychecks are not keeping up,
big boys' accounts runneth over their cup.

Amazon is monopolizing all healthcare,
don't buy from monopolies--beware.

Retail stores rapidly cutting their staff,
compared, coal miners are just chaff.

Welfare will not be able to handle the flood,
workfare is required or there will be blood.

Nearsighted thinking is running the show,
get while the getting's good, then go.

Off to your gated community retreat,
retired and insulated from the street.

What the heck is going on we say?
What's wrong with everyone earning good pay?

Everything shows this country is great,
why do we discover that way too late?

GOP Agenda Headed for Disaster

GOP Train Wreck Courtesy Bigjolly Times

As the GOP was stopped by a train wreck, they
need to pause and examine at that retreat what
direction they are taking the country. They are
not making the country great riding the track they are on.

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