Weathering Emotion

Lightning struck and I was born,
mid the thundering growing corn.

Like the blood flood in my brew,
washed me clean and brand-new.

The tides of my time came into view,
as a fire in me flickered, and then grew.

The sun rose in my misty eyes,
and revealed your cumulus skies.

The same sun beat on skin so sweet,
and wiped the doubt clouds fleet.

You, I'd won fore the setting sun,
turned the amber dusk to gray

A moon beamed into my night,
as I earthquaked at your sight.

Volcanoes erupted in my plight,
and I landslided to the last light.

The wolf wind howled lean and bright,
into a tornado's passionate fright.

A hurricane blended and never offended,
as I tsunamied with all my might.

Soon winter came without any blame,
and I avalanched into spring.

Only to begin to trade winds again.

Katrina at Night

Katrina at Night

Photo by McGee


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