George Washington Slept Here

Let it be told,
both far and near,
that George Washington,
the president, slept here.

With my wife,
and my sister,
with my daughter,
quite a mister.

Beds were scarce,
beds were few,
and so we slept,
two by two.

Nothing so cold,
as the bare floor.
So we slept,
by three or four.

So eager to please,
the president's ease,
they volunteered,
by the score.

Father of his country,
that's for sure.
So many Washingtons,
shore to shore.

Not even Kennedy,
matched his score.
As they demurely volunteered,
and came to fore.

So if by some chance,
you see that sign,
remember it's missing,
a personal byline.

One if by land,
two if by sea,
he slept with my sister,
sure as can be.

Mount Vernon--Where Georgee Slept

Mount Vernon
Where George Slept


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