War's  End

I dreamed the unthinkable. 
I dreamed of innocence's end. 
When war becomes unspeakable. 
Nature and time cannot mend. 

Fear’s a scar that festers,
In the minds of men. 
The scar of hatred pesters. 
And the cycle begins again. 

War was once eye-to-eye,
Bloody battle, man-to-man. 
Passion could not escape the horror. 
Of killing for the clan. 

Something more was needed,
So hatched an evil plan. 
The Art of War was melded,
To the wealth of nobleman.

So war became impersonal,
For god and country stand. 
Kill for glory and honor,
Kill for the motherland. 

Killing at a distance,
Became the preferred way. 
Costing less each instance,
And easier to win the day. 

Technology marches mindless,
While war requires its pay. 
War commands a blindness,
From a distance it will stay. 

Words like "collateral damage"
Excuse war’s tragic ends. 
With "weapons of mass destruction,"
A new horror begins. 

Only hope and knowledge,
Will stop the insanity we are in. 
Before we go over the edge,
We must now begin. 

To teach the world that violence,
Solves nothing--cycles again and again. 
It is time to break the cycle,
A time to see War's end.
Cover of War's End Paperback

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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