War is Right

Saving the world is our mission,
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. 
They don't understand or even like us. 
Must strike them before they strike us. 

God is on our side; with him we ride. 
Help us find them where they hide. 
We must seek them out and destroy,
They must never, ever, again deploy. 

For life is precious and we must save,
Every unborn from the grave. 
Send our young men out to save. 
Our youngsters from the rave. 

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition,
Their body count is ten times ours. 
With God, and his almighty powers,
Stoop down low and smell the flowers. 

For war is our sacred right,
For God and country we must fight. 
The evil empire is close at hand,
We have and are the promised land. 

Save us and our wasteful, wealthy ways. 
God will protect us all our days. 
Send our poor girls and boys off to fight. 
Pass the ammunition and see the light. 
Air Force Officer buried at Arlington National Cemetary

Air Force Officer Buried
at Arlington National Cemetary


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Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


 A Mexican born US Marine is buried in Mexico in clash with Mexican Police

A Mexican born US Marine is
buried in Mexico after a clash
with Mexican Police