Walled Eden

I am strong, resilient and have adapted to the land,
the changing climate and the seasons, always at hand.

For each year is different, but I am the same.
Foraging for food with only hunger to blame.

Whether I grub for bugs or tasty roots to live,
must keep moving to new places, take and give.

For my life may be traded for another,
prey or predator, it makes no druther.

We all must eat in order to survive,
drink the same water to stay alive.

The desert is harsh and it is unforgiving,
we must search for water to keep on living.

Thousands of years we've traveled these paths,
occasionally interrupted by thunderstick's blast.

We have grown more wary and avoid his pain.
know how to survive this wind, this drought, this rain.

But we must migrate north because the climate is changing,
only the strong and adaptive of us can take this rearranging.

What is this aberration that stands in our way?
How will we reach water; find a mate someday?
We will dig; we will climb; and we will try to succeed.
Cannot die here, in the desert, with no one to heed.

Who are they to cut us off from what we need?
Our species will suffer and no longer succeed.

What is this cruelty? What is this harm?
Who has the right to fence us in a farm?

We are hunters and gatherers. To roam is our creed.
Cutting off our lifeline will be the end of our breed.

Are you satisfied now?

US-Mexico wall dividing a valley ecosystem

The US-Mexico Wall © TriggerPit.com

The wall comes at a great price. Not only will it prevent
illegal aliens from crossing the border in remote areas,
it will prevent all manner of wildlife ranging from javelina,
wild turkey, coyote, deer, desert sheep, ocelot, armadillo,
jaguar, snakes, tarantulas and some birds from traveling
ancient migration routes. And, worst of all, being cut off
from the source of water like the Rio Grande, as well as
adapting to the warmer temperatures of climate change.

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