The Voyager Beyond

Fifty million miles or more,
Have passed since last year came. 
Now, every year’s the same. 

A web of darkness surrounds me,
As I complete my work,
And gradually depart the game. 

They call me the Voyager,
And I have come afar,
Just to make my fame. 

Oh, the planets I have seen,
Their glory to behold,
And I am not to blame.

If I have not found other life yet,
Mapped among my views. 
Based from where I came. 

I carry an old gold record,
In my bag of magic tricks,
My origin to proclaim. 

For I am now beyond old Sol,
Pierced the envelope of his wind.
Where the stars are all the same.

With hope that in this great beyond,
I will be found someday.
And they will know my name.

After twenty-six years, Voyager 1,
in the fall of 2003, has left the
 envelope of the solar wind,
and has entered interstellar space

Voyager 1 in Interstellar Space

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull



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