Vive La Difference

By chance of fate, he came late,
traveling light, and spread upon,
the glowing land.

But a great drought, forced her out,
of Eden's wondrous glow.

His thought was bright, he saw the light,
and knew that he must go.

To hunt and gather what she could,
so her family would thrive and grow.

His trials, they were many,
His losses, they were great.

But she learned how to survive,
she learned how to relate.

For nature changed where ere he went,
and he must have learned or die.

As her tribe grew, many split to few,
and went their separate ways.

There were those who doubted or grew old,
and decided not to follow.

There were those who sought new fortune,
and left on their own.

The constant search for a new horizon,
reached to all the lands.

The arrivals had acquired different traits,
to aid in their survival.

But they were all the same thinking man,
in all his glorious measure.

The world was now her oyster,
and all its things to treasure.

Out of it she carved a life,
to become his culture.

Wandering now led to war,
because all the lands were taken.

Some cultures were strong and fierce,
some were just forsaken.

The conquering culture flourished,
creating the idea of a nation.
Forgetting that in the beginning,
we all held the same station.

Each culture has its gifts,
to cast upon the world.

The beauty of communication,
is to see these gifts unfurled.

See survival in free hopes and wishes,
not in the ideologies propaganda dishes.

For we are all the same,
there is no one to blame,
but ourselves for not seeing it.

Homo Sapiens:  Thinking Man

Homo Sapiens


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