Virtual Life


So you think you want to live,

The surreal, virtual life.

You've seen it on TV, videos, and the Net;

Wild, on the edge of a knife.


A world where you can do,

Anything you want.

And if it goes all wrong,

Just press, "Restart."


A world without consequences,

For what you say or do.

Where you can mess up all you want,

Then, just press, "Undo."


For those who live their lives in virtual worlds,

The danger is quite clear.

There is no turning back once you act,

And, eternity is near.


A bullet rips your flesh,

And causes you to bleed.

Base-jumping to your death,

Is not what you need.


The freeway isn't a video game.

Computer enhancements can't hide the shame,

Of bad ideas, morphed to worse,

And, heroes in a hearse.


Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull




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