Verge of Existence

On the verge of existence,
an idea is spawned.
Across the great chasm,
of fragile, so yawned.

To jot down on faux paper,
of the memory's mind.
Stashed away in thoughts,
with emotions, entwined.

Perhaps in a dream,
burst from the scene,
of head swimming turmoil,
so real it could scream.

Perhaps from a pitfall,
on the path to rendition.
Perhaps from a foible,
in a top-secret mission.

Whatever it is, or was,
when it finally takes shape.
Its emergence is priceless,
that one cannot ape.

The birth of a notion,
like a drop from the ocean,
needs tender devotion,
to realize its fruition.

So do not despair,
little idea up in the air.
If you catch on,
everyone will share.

If not, you'll become...

Emerge Collage - UC-Davis by Stephanie Pressler

Emerge © Stephanie Pressler

How fragile, an idea is...

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