Va –Room!

-A Song-

I got a hemi, with ma pants hung low,
Va-room, Va-room… Here we go…

She likes that sound. 
That so round sound.
She can be found,
hip-hoppin’ to its pound.

I got woofers and they go wow!
She likes those woofers,
when they go pow!
I think I’ll woofer now.


Listen to her scream and howl!
I drift to her as the tires growl.
I drift to her on the prowl.
And the law, I run afoul.

She got bling,
shake that thing,
flash that fling!
and away we go...

I got style and I got bling,
Va-room, Va-room, shake that thing.

The Charger is my name,
if I go fast, who was to blame?
If I go slow, don't you know,
I'm cruisin' with my flame.

So when you see me in the hood,
let it be understood.
That she is mine and she is fine,
take the bad with the good.


Satin silver with blacked out lights,
she moves silkily through the nights.
In the hood I got rights.
Can't be seen 'hind those blacked out lights.

Don't you know what's going on?
Rock'n roll‘n till the dawn.
I got style and I got grace,
Cap’s bill turned just right place.


Silver Black Bling

Satin Silver Sound


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