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Utopia Bound

Time to talk about what people fear,
it's coming very soon, but not next year.

Still, it is coming, and we must prepare,
for the world is changing and we are there.

The cyber revolution has just begun,
computers and software have already won.

Printers and robots are making our things,
growing our crops, creating life's blings.

Cancer and diseases will soon be gone,
genetic therapies will make life healthy and long.

Seven billion souls inhabit the planet,
exponentially out of control, time to plan it.

Survival of the fittest has made us great,
sorting the unfit has been bloody with hate.

Time to realize that we are all in the same boat,
it is sink or swim, before it's too late.

It is totally unnecessary for the few to have all,
requiring the rest to have little, suffer and fall.

We all know what is good; we know what is right,
we solve very few problems when we fuss and fight.

What we need is understanding that everyone needs a chance,
and if they don't succeed, they still need to prance.

Why should we tolerate making people suffer in pain,
when we have the power to make them whole again.

Science cannot solve all of our problems just yet,
but old hatreds need to die, if we are to get where we'll get.

We are more alike than we are different; it's not too late.
honoring those differences will make us great.

To leave this planet in its pristine glory.
Seek out the stars, writing a whole new story.

(c) Utopia Bound Online

Utopia © Jacob Foxx at

Predictions show that immortality for humans may be reached as soon
as 2050. Ample clean energy will abound. Clean drinking water and
food in abundance will become available. Poverty and hunger will be
eliminated. Medical, physical and mental problems will easily be
detected and corrected. Incentives will have to be made to give people
purpose in life, especially physical activity when physical work is no
longer needed. All we have to do to make it happen is to be tolerant,
understanding and kind rather than mean to one another.

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