Useless Factoids

Oppressive heavy clouds all water weight,
better rain now before you're overweight.
There's no gold left at the Golden Gate,
but plenty of cyber Bitcoin to escalate.

The baby of a zebra and donkey is a zonkey,
Let's Make a Deal contestants surely zonkie.
A chimpanzee is not a monkey, jerky,
a ham for Thanksgiving is not a turkey.

The GPS will take you to nowhere,
texting the whole time totally unaware,
one finds oneself in the middle of where?
As if common sense vanished into thin air.

It's not warm and fuzzy in outer space,
it's cold and dark... a miserable place.
On most planets will be no kissy face,
going without a space suit death, not disgrace.

Because it is written does not make it real,
if it smells a bit rotten, probably is to the feel.
We are prone to mistakes that make us reel,
but we can inflate that fish photo, no big deal.

Conspiracy theories are always around,
like gossip and taxes they can be found,
at the tip of your fingers Facebook bound,
if fake news were facts, they would astound.

Actually, it makes me so sad, to think,
that so many's perception is so weak.
They don't know a smell from a stink.

Burnt Orange's Hair Is Not a Wig (c)

Burnt Orange's Hair Is Not a Wig ©

Started writing nonsense, but ended up getting
serious. I guess that it's important to get
serious these days.

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