Urine or Out

Another year's bit the dust,
all things irony have turned to rust.

Beginning to wonder who to trust,
but when they lead; follow we must.

Or not.

When it comes to the issues,
urine or your out.
There's no in between,
not even any doubt.

It's all about belief instead of truth,
doesn't take a detective or a sooth,
to figure out who is long of tooth,
hiding in a anonymous election booth.

The proof is in the pudding,
and it's almost to a boil.

It's going to heat up even more,
keep burning coal, gas and oil.

Might even scorch.

The world is our oyster,
and we're slurping it down raw,
to boost our testosterone,
while it sticks in our craw.

So when it comes to two choices,
and both of them are bad,
I'll just say, "Piss on it.
I'll not be had."

His Mother was Too Embarrassed

Source unknown. His mother was too embarrassed.

As new year approaches, the old one has
left a bitter taste in our mouths over
the animosity and divisiveness that still
exists in this world and makes positive
change so difficult to take place even
though it's the best thing to do.

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