Upon a Whim

Once upon a whim,
I looked outside my skin,
to see the state that I was in.

Not the state of confusion,
or a state of illusion,
there was no contusion,
or emotional atomic fusion.

It was just a state of mind,
in a country that I find,
is great for all its ills,
where opportunity fulfills.

We all have bucket lists,
doing things that suddenly exist.
Lots of time to fool around,
lots of time to just propound.

We can take off on a whim,
regardless of the state we're in.
First to our heart's desire,
become a frequent flyer.

We can selfie with the stars,
we can see ourselves on Mars.
We can dream of new dimensions,
find a mate with similar intentions.

A good life we are in,
better than, it's ever been,
where else can we begin,
to follow our latest whim.

I think I'll write a book,
it will have a different look,
the ideas have begun to cook,
Oh, the chances that I took.

A butterfly flies with flim,
an otter loves to swim.
A dolphin waves its fin,
all of it on a whim.

So crawl with me out on the limb,
and join me in the whim we're in.

Jonathan Poretta from the cast of Whim W'him

Jonathan Poretta from the cast of Whim W'him

Just a little ditty to make you feel better about all that deep doo you are in.

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