Until Never

She promised him until never,
and he obediently complied.
He thought she meant, "forever,"
In his naïve ignorance, she lied.

He waited for her, forever,
out in the cold and wet.
While she took many a lover,
and hardly broke a sweat.

For she was above his station,
so high he could not reach.
The old ways said it was so,
in what the elders teach.

The rules could not be broken,
and on them she relied.
Her decisions made for her,
to his entreaties, she just sighed.

He steeled himself in sorrow,
and traveled far alone.
His might and strength a marvel,
brought to a perfect hone.

The old ways always crumble,
when they go beyond the breech.
The rabble needed a leader,
their distant call to reach.

He rushed to their deliverance,
and brought the pious pomposity down.
He crushed their arrogant ideas,
and refused to wear a crown.

He found her in a hovel,
on the mountain side.
He carried her off to never,
he carried her as his bride.

She waited for him until never,
he thought never was too late.
We all know never never comes,
but it comes to some who wait.

The Barbarian

Barbarian © Fernando Remo Grisolia,



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